Energy healing sessionwork

Our individual energy healing sessionworks are on hold at this time, and all individuals are being directed to the group field of the Omnilov3 container to obtain a wide range of support tools, clearing meditations and a members forum space where we share and interact to provide ascension related content. Each month we hold a live broadcast Q&A discussing planetary ascension timeline, energetic impacts and provide meditation treatments to support each member.

Our members are learning how to become self-healers, using the clearing tools, emotional and negative ego clearing perspectives. In order to restore the lightbody into personal integrity and sovereignty a dedication to spiritual practise is suggested. Learning psychic self defense, self-clearing tools, can be used very effectively as a means to gain balance, emotional healing, mental body healing and bring deeper understandings to the spiritual awakenings and activations that are occurring on the earth now.

We aim to re-educate individuals into understanding best energy usages, energetic self-mastery, for energy practitioners, lightworkers, awakening starseeds or indigos or those having consciousness experiences that cannot be understood very easily. Wedo not uphold a guru model and instead teach each person to connect to their higher source light individually, within a loving container of living light directly connected into the Krystal Star Guardian host families of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

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