Omnilov3 community

Our community website evolved from in person energy working and group leadership and is a platform in which to serve and support starseeds and indigos to comprehend and have direct awareness of the krystal star guardian host ascension which includes rehabilitation of the human lightbody hologram, to receive the organic creator ray frequencies from the cosmic christos families. 

Our community support is prioritised through guardian host energetic guidance, and we have a wide range of lightbody repair/clearing and development tools to work through along with emotional and negative ego (mind control) toolsets. The meditations hosted within our store have been lovingly brought forth from the guardian founder families, and hosted into the planetary body in order to serve human freedom, liberation and self-sovereignty.

Starseeds and indigos have self-healing opportunities in which to comprehend the life purpose, to work in the service to others agreements of a life in service to shift humanity into the next Aeon of awakening time. The living light codes of the cosmic krystal star guardians are an embodiment process, filled with a heart based experience in real life. The techniques for ascension have their roots in emotional and mental body healing, to remove the inferior and superior polarities, which keep consciousness trapped inside of timefields and unable to be freed. Our toolsets support the reconnection process and building of the diamond sun DNA template as a personal, lived in, experience on the ascension path for each person. All energetic toolsets within the OL container, site, store and meditations audios, newsletters and archives are direct consciousness experiences working with krystal star guardians and has a base frequency of galactic intelligence supported by Aurora families, Andromedan families, RA godworlds confederacy teams, Blue Ray First order melchizedeks and Amethyst Order Rha godworlds creators, Paliadorian Dragon Lineages and Cosmic Christos representatives in Lyra.