Images & Artwork

All of the images used on our store and website are created by Sequoia Arayas. 

Sequoia is available for personal artwork creation for your website or projects and you can make contact with him via the contact link above.

In the past individuals would see his artwork on social media and link the creditation back to him, as the original artist. 

He created under the naming of futureagesage, peacewalker and goldenlotus and his preference has been to ensure that others can enjoy these creations and has shared hundreds of his image creations online to support the awareness of the consciousness codes and artworks.

As his gift to the ascending families he gave thousands of images freely of which can be found across the internet in various ways. He accepts donations as appreciation to support him in continuing to provide the artworks, poetry and supports for ascending starseeds to feel the expressions in supportive energetics. 

His lifelong artworks provide in helping our starseed families remember and recognise the energy signatures created with them,  from the families of the krystal star guardian host, the emerald order aurora families from the godworlds.  

For artwork use on your website or projects, please contact him directly for comissioned pieces.