GH Ascension Class 2019 June 2D Wants Desires, Consumptive Modelling, Holy Mother Healing


June 2019 - Self Sovereignty, Body, Wants/Desires, 2D & Holy Mother. Providing understandings to the consumptive modeling of the bi-wave which requires continual feeding to keep energies in parasitic control. Discussion around the desire codings and lightbody controls through implants, mind control thoughts and addictions in the 2nd dimension of the human lightbody. Understanding the bi-wave dark mother lunar forces of baphomet/satanic force as a parasite. The true holy mother heals these wounds and in her arms each human can heal on the ascending path, to remove the bi-wave parasite of the 2D desires which ultimately control the human psyche through food, sexual misery and materialisms. MP3 audio from our archives