GH Ascension Class July 2021 Accepting where you are at on your path


Topics covered:
-Learning to let go, living in the acceptance of exactly who you are
-Understanding the differences between intending growth, love, and kindness
and the what your behavior and thoughts are showing you.

The path of development has to involve a deep clarity about where you actually are and what you can actually do in the given moment.
Once the judgment and applications of assumptions, expectations, and making conditions have decreased significantly
great peace is immediate and miraculous well-being is also relatively effortless.

The difficulty we face is primarily about the attachment we have formed through our growth processes, these are predominately to a quilt-like construction of ideas of life, god, and our self which do not represent our inner truth or our living heart expression. If we are to accept the freedom god has given us we must emancipate ourselves from these formulas, recipes, conditions, in any many cases even our goals. The process of the dark night and the spiritual nomad bring about an uncanny ability to drop our burdens and dissolve our unhealthy connections. These are not easy experiences, and unfortunately, neither is ascension. Coming to clarity about this means also a dismantle of spiritual ego and self-serving tendencies which lead to blindness and dispassion or detachment from the unbridled presence of the christ force and the flows of eternal consciousness. MP3 audio file from our class archives