GH Ascension Class June 2020 Phases of Growth


Moving through consciousness upgrades/activations

Deceptions through your own belief systems (negative ego)

Starseeds are also mind controlled until we heal-remove the tech out, eventually it doesn't control us anymore in varying stages of embodiment until it cannot control our consciousness

Consciousness movements/transport and accessing other timelines of history

Transiting souls very brief sharing of lightbody ability of transit-host capability through the mother arc 13d ray as a hub in the body

The eternal self you are is a part of god, and knows no bounds cannot be deceived and understands neutral as an embodiment of truth

Manipulation through deception comes in both negative-demoralising-hurtful-wounded-jealous polarity packages and superior-glamour-granduer-romantic ideas packages - staying awake to both of these polarities can help you stay out of drama or engaging

healing of the relationship with the female and mother is helpful to build the connection to the true mother consciousness which is required to embody the soul triad into wholeness and also to repair the staff. Our staff energy has been implanted heavily and takes time to really build a totally straight connection through the monadic layers (metatronic reversals) into Andromeda

relationship connections and influences in the community groupfield; used to divide and conquer and compare into victim-victimiser: naa love to create dramas between members to make people leave the group field = stay where you are, stay calm and be willing not to be swayed by others - be your own individual self, open to learning and understanding. Until a person is entirely neutral as much as they can be; all of us are prone to being used to manipulate - stay in the heart, stay true to your inner soul radar, be kind and be yourself first!

mp3 audio from our ascension classes