GH Ascension Class June 2021 DNA Activation, HSP, Trust & Discernment


Themes of today are sharing some planetary themes related to the emerald order returning, mother's body returning to saturn, the crystalline cores of the planets in the solar system receiving the magnetic shifts including our own planet at this time bringing strange physical symptoms.

Looking to our personal and unique interpretations of our own consciousness experiences and not to compare that with anyone else

Who we share our higher sensory perceptions with - the manipulation and trickery that we are exposed to, and also placing trust within another person when sharing deep intimate HSP experiences can be a tricky topic as the person can become dependant on you, and also may turn against you as they do not understand nor have the same perception ranges. None of this can be compared, and should not be. Each of us is picking up and perceiving something we need personally in our own spaces for our OWN personal consciousness journey, which is given in divine timing on a need to know basis.

Being present in your now moment day to day in order to listen and feel your higher guidance - it is not set in stone through time, timing is fluid when in alignment to your highest expression - guidance will come at the last moment, you need to be paying attention to received that and do not be too fixed upon certain conditions

We each are experiencing slightly different realities due to the level of frequency embodiment, dna activation and lightbody development stage

Sharing on discussion recently in the forum about consciousness transportation as an example of our DNA activation and we cannot force ourselves through stargates, it happens naturally and we accommodate the understanding of our consciousness transport

Discussions on the higher heart complex changes, pressures to the body and functions and shifts within that process

Discussion on Messier Objects noted as hidden in HGS manual/ascension glossary and why these are named as hidden.

Discussion on time period between now until 2022 March, and the disclosure timeline and how best we might want to navigate to keep ourselves safe and in alignment, to stay awake and aware and safe regards apocalyptic energies and clearing the 911 armageddon programming from the lightbody. The sharing of timelines and artificial controller timelines that are used to create fear on the earth, in our ascension path we are shifting ourselves into a higher timeline and point in time above the control. Guardians are reclaiming the 5D timelines to restore the organic architecture and to gain control for the organic ascending timelines for the masses; the installation of Cosmic Justice pillars through a rishic founder being and kingship arcs is supporting the restoration of the laws of god and the planetary rod horizontals which controls the timelines, along with new emerald order architecture as the emerald order creator families are returning to the earth now.

Discussion on changes and how this translates to us in the earth, sharing around some individuals will be leaving as they pass their bodies are fully disclosed of the controller structures here, and that many of us will be placed upon the earth into perhaps a new area or expansion in which to serve the masses through the disclosure timelines and to provide harmonization and healings from a sensible lived-in spiritual mature perspectives to support our fellow brothers and sisters who have not understood the enslavement upon the earth. So many ascending human starseeds indigos lightworkers to share the love in their heart as an expression of god: those of us who have been

Sharing on Tuatha Au Danaan/Tuath De Danaan frequencies and energetic essence within the Irish portals and stargates as Lyran-Oraphim beings from Lyra. The Irish and UK gates are repatterned into Lyra sequentially and have been restored through guardian gridworking over many many years; the dragon lines and solar ouroborous bodies in the earth as a part of the dragon god creator body and the lines within the UK as a part of the albion body. We each may perceive different areas of the land as this is our personal piece in the moment. There is no greater gift than having a first hand experience of your own perception and senses and to journal that; in which more will reveal later on and build a larger pattern of comprehension for personal integration.
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