GH Ascension Class November 2021 FKOT & HGS Energy Clearing


Today's sharing is thematic on current planetary themes and energies coming up for witnessing, false king of tyranny patterns, brief share on the dark matter and aurora reencryption process happening. Archetypal patterns in the false identity/false ego, when in the presence of a person being used as a dark portal, your non-reaction or holding space in neutral is supportive to not engage nor respond. As empathic individuals the learning of creating a boundary is part of our energetic self mastery; usually we can have empathy for the abuser/victimiser as an inbuilt compassionate healing from the heart, as many times it is expected that others hold or emanate the same quality of virtues as we hold inside ourselves; and yet, the truth is revealed with the person does not live up to their words, is inconsistent with their behaviour, or has a false identity and persona for the outer world meanwhile is not the same person behind closed doors. This is a consciousness reliant on the negative ego and false identity, and cannot be trusted with a full and open heart due to the mind control through no fault of their own.

Memories returning in stages to support the consciousness expansion, when faced with a false king of tyranny energy or opposition force to yourself - the inner building of trust empathy and integration of christos light will stand in its own power without using any force to compete, oppose, or retaliate. In stages we are returning this into form in conjunction with healing out the negative ego enslavement controls and we are met with the same antichrist forces through stages of our lightbody building that are equal in nature to the degrees of the christos path building.

At this time we may each be experiencing levels of bifurcation to remove the old to allow us to walk into the new harmonic or positioning which is best for our onwards consciousness expressions. The movement of consciousness through the galactic zodiac brings patterns up for highlight and awareness, when it's in our face it is usually what we are working through.
We provide an HGS energy clearing/alignment today which is supporting the re-encryption process as a general sweep, removing some AI and focusing on the perfected cell of the human body. On the live broadcast we lost internet connection but the uploaded audio has a small moment of disconnection including our noticing of the connection down...GSF 1h40min audio mp3 download